Print Branding – Order Fee Schedule

2023 Fee Schedule for Branded Merchandise & Apparel (“Swag”)

To view our 2023 fee schedule, please view the following Google Sheet:

This fee schedule applies to branded merchandise and apparel (“swag”) orders placed with S.MICHAEL Creative Branding, including any work directly or indirectly related to those orders. Our fees are designed to ensure the sustainability of our business and maintain the high-quality service you’ve come to expect.

In select cases, we may waive, discount, or refund these fees on specific orders, for large accounts, or for clients with special service agreements in place. If you have questions about this or want to learn more, please contact us anytime.

Notes for 2023: Our 2023 fee schedule is similar to previous years, with one notable difference – we are standardizing our fee schedule and publishing it here for visibility to all clients. If you have a prior contract in place, those terms will continue to apply unless otherwise discussed and revised. Otherwise, please refer to our fee schedule when planning and placing your orders. Thank you!

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